zaterdag 30 juni 2012


Some pictures I took yesterdat at the AMFI Transit show, I wasn't a vip so I couldn't sit front row but I could see that all the students are verry talented, such a inspiration!

vrijdag 29 juni 2012


I went to the Amsterdam Fashion Instituut graguation show today, so I can see what is waiting for me when I start there in september. I can't belive there is so much design talent here in Holland! I also bought some fashion magezines other then the graduates yearbook, like V magezine and the AMFI magezine"Tiger dragon slayers from the underground", aaand I finaly got my HeartBeat Lady Gaga earphones. So the conclusion is.. today was EPIC!

dinsdag 19 juni 2012


Yesterday I went to the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday tour and it was EPIC!! I didn't made that much pictures becaus I was to bussy with rapping and jumping and dancing. It was just really amazing.                       

maandag 11 juni 2012


Beautifull pictures by photographer Marcello Gomes, who likes to play with light and collors. I love thes images so much they give me a summer feeling! They are so mysterious and peacefull at the same time.

vrijdag 8 juni 2012


A few days ago a got a letter from AMFI, when I saw it laying there on the table I almost wet myself cuz I was so scared to open it. But when I saw I got a positive advice I was happy as fuck! So this means I'm going to move to Amsterdam in a few months and go study fashion design!! I want to thank all my sweet readers who always suported me, love you bitches!!

vrijdag 1 juni 2012


I'm not even a skater gal but these boars just makes me wanne skate like a boss... or moss! These boars are designed by Jeff Gaudinet. He was talking with a friend about skating and Kate Moss at the same time and exedently mixed up the words with each other, and thats how the Skate Moss boards were born. I think they are pretty ahwsome!