woensdag 19 maart 2014

just do it

I guess everybody has that same feeling somethimes, when they think, i'm gonna do it, i am going to take good care of myself. And after some weeks you're sitting on you bed with your laptop on your lap scrolling all day trough your tumblr dashboard with a bag of crisps thinking what went wrong? This time I'm really really gonna do it, so I signed myself up for the Nike we own the night run, so there is no going back otherwise i am gonna look like a complete fool during my run on the 7th of june.
I must say there are some days that i really curse myself for my ambitious decision and really don't understand why people run anyways. And we all come to that point during your run when you think fuck it i'm gonna take some selfies! But I am gonna make it and I am gonna do it. And to be honest it does feel kinda good when you completed a run sucsessfully and my virtual nike coach complements me at the end.