zaterdag 1 oktober 2011


Today I was shopping whit my friend in amsterdam, we were both looking quite stylisch me and Robin. I was wearing my favorite vintage levi shorts, one of my favorite pieces. We got shot by a streetstyle photographer for Glamour magezine. Let's hope we both get featured in there november issue!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow that's really cool that you got to get photographed by streetstyle photographer for Glamour!

  2. That's awesome, and I'm not getting over that great DIY necklace of yours.

  3. Love your vintage shorts! :) Obsessed with the cross ring, I've been looking everywhere for one, can't seem to find one! And what an amazing opportunity to shot by a photography from Glamour Magazine! :) I have followed you, I hope to see more of your posts, I always love meeting other fashion bloggers around the world! And thank-you very much for posting in my IFB Teen Fashion Bloggers Group! :)


  4. Lovely blog! Very artistic and we love that watch. We are following and would love if you could check us out.