woensdag 2 mei 2012


Iris van Herpen belongs in the top 3 of my favorite designers and I was sooo super exited when I traveld all my way to Groningen ( that's 2 hours from where I live ) just to see her exhebition and it was totaly worth it! The 26 year old Iris van Herpen is a huge inspartation for me and other young designers to be. She graduated in 2008 and since then she is a sucsesfull fashion designer and was also the youngest designers of the "Chambre Syndicale de La Couture". Her fashion is more like art something you can watch for hours but you never get bored, I walked trough the exhebition 3 times and still got suprised by a new deatail I saw.
All her collections since her graduation whe exposed in Groniger museum, like Chemical Crows, Synesthesia, Refinery Smoke and Crystallization for the ones who have no cleu where I'm talking about... shame on you!

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  1. FASHION!! ^__^
    I love the clothes very avant garde and it reminds me of the late Alexander Mcqueen.