dinsdag 15 november 2011


You some people, when they're sad, grab a bottle of gin or eat a lot of cookies, well when i feel a bit sad, I buy a Vogue ( or shoes, but it depends on my banck acount . The collorfull glossy papers makes me just feel a bit better. Yesterday I felt a little bit sad, so I bought an Italian Vogue, I don't understand a f of it but i love the editorials in the Italian Vogue more. And lucky me, there was a great editorial from Steven Meisel in there YAY! Are'nt thes pictures just amazing, they look strong but still a bit mysterius becaus the pictures are kind of un-sharp. YAY! i feel less sad now.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Vogue Italia has ever an interesting and arty editorials!
    I checked out your blog and do you have really good illustrations!


  2. When I'm sad, I read fashion blogs (or Youth Rights and anti-ableism blogs/sites/zines, depending on why I'm sad, but for my habitual sadness fashion blogs are efficient!)
    I really like this editorial, and Steven Meisel in general. It makes me think of the movie Hackers because of the contrast between the models/principal characters style and that of the people around/against them. (wow, and you just made me get an interesting thought: The Plague share the knowledge of the hackers, and the corruption of the industry folks, so that's why his style is a bit of an excentric workwear. also, his snake brooch at some moment!)