zondag 12 februari 2012


Last week I was in a creative mood, actualy i'm always in a creative mood but anyway, last week I bought a piece of leather and mad this leather purse out of it. It came out so cute I want to wear my purse like every day but my selphone don't even fit into it but my lipstick fits in it so that's the only thing that counts! ha!
I also always wanted to know how the book "Fairy Tales" from Victor & Rolf looked like in the inside and what kind of cute stories were in it. Now when I flipt trough it I wish I had this book when I was a little girl, the book is full of stories with titles like 'flowerbomb', 'the dragon butterfly' and 'two moons' and there are a lot of fashionable cute illustrations in it by Victor & Rolf. When I have children of my own I will read the out of this book every night!

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