zaterdag 10 december 2011


I think you just can't get enough highwaisted denim shorts. I wish I could wear them every day and just life in them. I have just made myself a new one of an old Cheap Monday jeans, I haven't worn thos jeans in a thousend years so I tough in stead of trouwing them out of the window lets just cut in it. I know fashion always makes me way to exited and aggresive...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! I love the pink!.. I also love the comfort it gives, that's why most of my weekend getaway was wearing shorts and high waist shorts.

  2. I made some myself by cutting my Levi's jeans. Some dude told me it was "blasphemous" (meh) to cut into Levi's jeans, and that he know another dude who was once hurt and didn't let the emergency nurses cut into his Levi's jeans, so I felt really powerful while doing that :)
    I don't wear it that much because I didn't customize it yet, it's waiting since this summer. I think I'll do that today since your post reminded me of it!