dinsdag 27 december 2011


Some gifts I've got and some things I bought myself. Today I was in Amsterdam and bought the Vanity Fair and a new M.A.C. viva glam lipstick, I never tought that a nude collor will suit me or anyone else, but I've heard that the viva glam gaga 2 was made in a kind of collor that will fit every skinetone, normaly I don't belive in that kind of crap but I have to say, this collor is just really beautifull!
My mom bought me Lady Gaga Born this way 'The Remixes' cd for chrismass verry sweet!
My Best friend bought me a beautifull golden necklace and I bough goldent a earpiece to with it.
verry happy with my stuff!!

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  1. love the lipstick &necklace! Following you!