zondag 4 december 2011



My favorite dutch photography duo Inez van Lamsweren & Vinood Matadin have made a brand new photography book where there been working on for 25 years, that how long they are working together now. The book "Pretty much everyting" is showing all there artwork, from there fashion campains for, Lanvin, Victor&Rolf, Chloe, there portraits of the biggest models like, Kate Moss, Freja Beja, Lara Stone, or there beatifull artwork, everything is in this three pieced limetid edition from Taschen. Got some money left over? You can buy it for $500, if that's a little to much for you and if you live in the netherlands then you can visit the exhibiton at the Foam Fotografie Museum in Amsterdam.
Here is a little video of Inez and Vinood talking bout there work.

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  1. Taschen always publish the most interesting books! (though, usually, it's for less from my experience :o)
    My favorite are the first, third and last photographies. Your choices depicts a whole bunch of different emotions and attitudes.