woensdag 11 januari 2012



images by one of my fovorite blogs JAK AND JILL 

I've heard some girls say that boys with a natural sens of fashion and style don't life on planet eart. Well they maby don't life in the little town where I life but they sertain arn't hidden underneath a stone or something, they are all hidden in big fashionable citys like New York, LA, Paris and all that shit. And I don't even know if they are gay strait or bi, but it doesn't matter cuz they all got swagg and I better move my ass of to New York don't you think so?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I just love a well dressed guy. Nothing better than a guy who can dress without being told or guided. Love it!


  2. cool pics! You are talented... what camera do you use? They turn out really great.
    Wanna check out my blog? lets follow each other on bloglovin! im already a fan of yours!!