woensdag 11 januari 2012


I was cleaning up my little room and came across some of my favorite things like some of my favorite lipsticks, I got like a million lipstick but i'm not using half of it, these are my favorites, also a lot of my lipstick always disapears for some magical reason like one of my beautifull mac lipstick... well i'm not pointing fingers at anybody but i'm pretty sure it was stollen. But I'm still happy with what I got.
 I'm also a big fan of music but I always said it was a waist of money to buy cd's if you can download them on the internet but now I totaly understand why people buy cd's, the feeling you get when you wrap the plastic of the little paper books in it with beatifull pictuers and lyrics gives me a kind of feeling I like to dance ( what I do when I put on my music.. )
I love my Adidas Originals, I was never really a sneaker girl until I saw sneakers from Jeremy Scott a few years ago and I am still about to kill for thos sneaker, it'n one of my life goals, to get a pair of JS's haha! Untill then, I just live with my one pair of Adidas sneakers and my Jeremy Scott wings watch.

And last but not least my BFF necklace I got from my best friend who is living the american dream now in New York. When she left she gave me this little picture frame with the words 'you are my best friend'. So freaking sweet!!

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